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    Smart Ink Re-Manufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 902 XL 902XL (Black L & C/M/Y XL, 4 Pack Combo) to use with OfficeJet 6951 6954 6962 OfficeJet Pro 6960 6968 6970 6975 6978

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    Your printer is something that you use every day, meaning that its ink is one of the things that you find yourself having to buy regularly. Replacing ink for your printer can become an expensive process. This is especially true if you are of the belief that your replacement cartridge needs to come from the same manufacturer as your printer. With cartridges such as these Smart Ink Compatible HP Ink, you can find replacements that offer the same high quality ink delivery at a fraction of the cost.

    With its impressive color and professional-looking quality, the HP Compatible Ink Cartridges produced by Smart Ink are your ticket to getting your ink replaced faster and at an affordable price. These cartridges are suitable for a lot of HP printer and can deliver high quality ink that works just as well as the original HP cartridges. In fact, these are able to print you up to 40% more pages.

    These HP Compatible 902 XL 902XL Ink Cartridges can print out 825 pages of vivid color on one cartridge and 825 pages of rich black text from the same product. You can use these cartridges for HP OfficeJet Pro 6954, 6960, 6962, 6968, 6975, 6978 Printers. These compatible ink cartridges fit into your printer with ease and can be instantly recognized by the printer, allowing you to get back to work immediately.

    User Manual (added to each set)
    ● Please rip off the color tape before installing.
    ● If your printer appears “Non-Genuine”, press “Proceed”/”Continue”/”Accept” or “OK” to continue.
    ● When you receive an error “Cartridge cannot be recognized” or “Replace Cartridge”, please remove the affected cartridge and gently wipe the chip with a lint free cloth or rubber eraser.

    We also offer you 2-year money back guarantee; no questions asked.

    So, why think twice?
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