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    Nightlights for children Elk. Lamps for bedrooms. Kids light

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    Nightlights for children Elk. Lamps for bedrooms. Kids light. Bedroom nightlight for baby. Modern beside lighting. Light gift

    Immerse your child into a fairy tale with a series of fixtures Dream Land by Creative light. Natural materials, soft light and high quality is what you want for your kid.

    Here is a new adorable companion to guard your child at night while he or she gently floats off to sleep. Casting a warm soft LED glowing in a shape of an elk this adorable kids bedroom lamp easily keeps fears of dark at bay.

    Made of a solid all natural piece of wood it is absolutely lovely to touch and smell. Lightweight and easily transportable it can be used as a nursery projector at night and as a table lamp in the evening. Also, featuring a build in power adapter and coming with a plug converter this wonderful children’s nightlight is sure to comply with the power sources at your home and when on travel.

    We are sure your child and elk will make great friends!

    Size: 16 * 18 cm. (6.29 * 7.08 inches)

    Each night light provided with a plug converter for the wall outlet!

    Type of food: 220v (power adapter AC / DC 220-12V)
    Light Source: LED
    Power: 2.2 Watt

    Wood: Pine, Alder

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