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    Colorings for children Adventures in PlusPlus world

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    Colorings for children Colorings for children Adventures in PlusPlus world. Coloring pages books papers for kids and adults. Color posters for family XL Size

    If you are looking for a big coloring book for the whole group to be involved – you came to the right place. “Colorings for children Adventures in PlusPlus world” created by O’Kroshka will be interesting for both girls and boys, and can also become good anti-stress activity for mom and dad. So grind your pencils, prepare markers and take a sit around the canvas with all your company. It doesn’t matter from which side you are sitting – you will always find few items in the right perspective.
    Can be coloured by pencils, markers or paint

    Packaging: gift box

    Size: 59х84cm / 23”x33”

    Material: offset paper 150g / m2

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