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Clothing studio “VOVK”

The world of fashion is diverse and infinite. Its every day is marked by the birth of new bright stars – that’s the manifesting of those designers and fashion houses that have been able to capture the vast audience’s attention. Today we are presenting you with a new element of Ukrainian fashion’s constellation – clothing studio “VOVK”.

Our success story began with the idea of hard working and the desires to make all of our creative concepts come to life. Today we’ve developed into a veritable clothing studio that unites a team of professionals of their craft and, most of all, creative individuals who bring their own unique charm to what they do. So far, VOVK clothing line is created only for women.

In our pursuit, as stated by our clients, we have reached truly a lot:

  • Our dresses will fit perfectly well; skirts will make you glad with the amount of designs and forms; summer dresses will bring you airlike lightness; pants will be appropriate at the office just as much as at a night club.
  • We use high quality materials; try to diversify our models; keep up with latest fashion trends; and give a part of our limitless creative souls to each design.
  • Our clothing is made in Ukraine, and we are never going to stop being proud of it.

Outfits from VOVK is pure magic that’s been put in a wrapping. Each item is a little piece of happiness; an opportunity to create a unique look for its owner; a special emotional atmosphere that follows her. We create clothing with love. And every our piece is designed to make her owner incredibly happy and striking.

“Our clothing will make you glow from the inside. Just try it.”


Location Details

TM Vovk are located in Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Brand:Vovk
  • Product:High quality clothing
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