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Basic Information

Creative Light is a small company, established in 2015 by a duo of enthusiasts who wanted to bring some light and warmth to this world. Ever since, we’ve been working hard on creating unique and dazzling ideas of lighting. All our products are handmade with natural, eco-friendly materials. We care about environment and its future. That’s why we use in our lamps the latest energy saving technologies.

So far, most of our products are made for children. We are designing wooden children’s night lights that will help creating a true fairy tale atmosphere in the room. There are items that boys will like and those for girls. It’s also possible to create customized night lights.

Adults like our all natural wooden night lights just as much. They are stylish, ergonomic and easily fit into any kind of interior design. Our night lights will make your home look exclusive and charming.

Location Details

Creative Light are located in Kyiv, Ukraine

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